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This work is amazing.  It's like having the key to the city of yourself.  It's one of the few things I've seen yet that can truly change people. 


M.E., San Antonio, Texas



Your anchoring exercises immediately revealed a missing “peace” in my life. Finally climbing back into my body accepting my thoughts, emotions and body sensations as wisdom that was speaking to me was HUGE. And so was learning to identify protective patterns and the conditioned beliefs they were covering up. For all that and so much more, I will be forever grateful.  


P.W., Stockton, CA



You have no idea the positive impact you have made on my life, both professionally and personally.  You have put me on a path to self awareness I didn't even know I needed to be on!


R.C., Rockville, MD


Thank you so much for helping me out of my mind suffering.  This work has literally changed my life.


M.K, Bristow, VA


I've been working with the techniques you gave me for identifying a limiting pattern and bringing it to the light of consciousness.  I got so many insights, and they came so quickly! I was stunned at the clarity and the honesty of the heart.


H.L., Seattle, Washington


Your support, enthusiasm, and guidance are helping me realize who I really am.  I have had glimpses before, but something fundamental is changing, and I'm able to shift into and live from this deeper place much more of the time than ever before. My work with my psychotherapy clients is also changing as I learn to be more authentic and present.


N.S., New York, NY







This is without a doubt the best workshop I’ve ever attended. You actually modeled unconditional presence by asking us what we needed instead of hitting us over the head with a pre-conceived agenda.  The exercises on getting to the still point were life-changing, and working with them after the workshop has brought many unexpected revelations. 


J.C., Portland, Maine



I've been meditating for 30 years, but today I discovered that what I had been calling higher consciousness was just a bunch of thoughts! What a revelation to actually experience the stillness and compassion of presence for the very first time!


B.S., Boulder, CO



I have to thank you again for your workshop which has truly changed our lives and today helped us solve a very difficult crisis with our 14 year old.  I am so grateful!


R.S., Toronto, Canada



Your tele-class has been an amazing experience.  I can't believe how much we covered, how deep we went (on the phone, with complete strangers!), and what clear and simple tools you gave us for living from the depths of our own hearts. 


R.W., Boston, MA



The Living from the Whole Self tele-class has been absolutely amazing! I am experiencing deep and new shifts inside that are changing my outer world.


R.S., Falls Church, VA



These classes were the catalyst I needed to bring everything together for me in my search for spiritual growth. They have given me the tools I need to maintain a constant awareness of the patterns that were so disruptive in my life.


R.H., Harrisburg, PA



I submitted a full chapter of my dissertation within two weeks of this class wrapping up. After two years of not writing and feeling completely stuck, this is AMAZING.  This was the most nourishing class I have ever taken.


L.L., Warrenton, VA





Rhonda has demonstrated courage and directness in helping management understand cultural issues and their significance.  Her work in this area has led to a sea change in management's thinking about company culture...a significant event in the life of this firm.  She exhibits integrity, sensitivity, and a dedication to the ideal of a better workplace. 


Robbyne Jones, Director of HR, 

Quintiles Transnational


You are one of the few people I know who has the wisdom, objectivity, and smarts to coach someone in my position.  I thank you for your friendship, counsel, and support during this challenging transition. 


Larry Lewin, CEO

The Lewin Group


I was paranoid and ill-prepared.  Then you came along and saved me from myself, unto my Self.  It was an important step to acknowledge my anger, allow it to be there, and let it show me how I was getting in my own way.  As a result, our strategic planning meetings went brilliantly, far better than I could have ever imagined.


T.C., Executive Director

American Red Cross


You got to the heart of our management problems and had the courage and tact to help us address them head on.  I can't thank you enough for eveything you've done to help open up communications at EDF. 


Rosemary Ostengren, Manager of Membership, Environmental Defense Fund

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