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Participate in Private Sessions

Benefits of Private Sessions

Private sessions offer an opportunity to learn basic skills of intentional presence while working through personal life challenges. During these sessions, Rhonda Mattern, the founder of intentional presence, will teach you basic skills for state shifting, inner exploration, and learning to relate to inner experiences like emotions, needs, and conflicting desires in more skillful ways. She will also help you identify and shift unseen belief that create action blocks and stuck points in your life. 


Private sessions offer mentoring, skill-building, and an opportunity to practice building a skillful, authentic, and trusting friendship with another human being. Although the skills we teach are therapeutic, and we've trained a number of psychotherapists in our skills, we don't offer psychotherapy. Further, we don't subscribe to the widely-held view that your emotional and mental challenges are "disorders" or illnesses. 


The goal of private sessions in intentional presence is to provide you with missing skills, knowledge and experiences that to help you break free of limiting patterns, resolve action blocks, and live a more authentic, connected, and compassionate life.



Session Details

Length: One hour


Frequency: You can decide what frequency works best for you; 2 sessions a month is what most people do.


Cost: $100.00 per session


Payment: Sessions payable monthly via check or Paypal (see our contact page for payment details)


Mentor: Rhonda Mattern is currently the only fully trained mentor offering private sessions in intentional presence.  


Location: Rhonda currently offers sessions in the San Francisco Bay Area; those living in other locations can take sessions via phone or Skype.


Recordings: If you'd like to record your sessions, sign up for a free conference call number and email Rhonda your dial in number, access code, and subscriber PIN before your first session.


Phone/Skype/Facetime Info: Call 510-234-1447 for non-recorded sessions. If you don't have unlimited long distance, Rhonda can call you. For Skype video sessions, use the address rhonda.mattern. Rhonda also has access to Facetime.




Scheduling Sessions

To schedule a session, email Rhonda or call her at 510-234-1447.  


If you'd like to explore if private sessions are a good fit for you, email Rhonda to set up a 30 miinute complimentary call to discuss your questions, concerns, and goals.


When emailing to schedule sessions or complimentary calls, send three good dates and times (including TIME ZONE) and Rhonda will confirm a date and time back to you.

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