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Join a Learning Partnership


Learning partnerships offer an opportunity to learn and practice the skills of intentional presence with a friend, mate, colleague, or family member. During these sessions you'll watch Rhonda practicing intentional presence with your learning partner, and slowly learn to use some of the skills that Rhonda demonstrates with your partner. As emotional reactions inevitablly arise in response to things that your partner says and does, Rhonda will help you to learn to listen to your emotions and needs, share your emotions in gentle, clear ways, ask for what you need, and stay anchored in mindfulness and presence--two states of consciousness that allow you to remain connected to yourself and others even as intense emotional reactions arise.


It's nearly impossible to reproduce the inevitable everyday disconnects between people in private sessions, and for this reason, many of our most deeply entrenched patterns in relationships remain untouched and unchanged. We can work with the most skillful therapists, mentors and coaches on the planet, but if they don't see the limiting patterns of reaction and communication that we engage in, they can't help us to change those patterns and practice new skills that are more productive.

Learning partnerships offer the unique study tool of "freezing the action" as our patterned reactions to other peoples' words or actions occur. In these sessions, we work to understand your reaction patterns, and teach you to shift into mindfulness and presence when such reactions occur so you can communicate your feelings, needs and desires with compassion, tenderness, and goodwill.



Learning Partnership Details

Length: 75 minutes


Frequency: 4 times a month 


Cost: Each partner pays $150.00 a month for the 4 sessions s/he attends


Payment: Learning partnership fees are payable monthly via check or Paypal.


Mentor: Rhonda Mattern is currently the only fully trained mentor offering intentional presence learning partnerships


Location: Rhonda currently offers learning partnerships in the San Francisco Bay Area. Those in other locations can participate via phone or Skype.


Recordings: If you'd like to record your sessions, sign up for a free conference call number and email Rhonda your conference call information (dial in number, access code, and subscriber PIN) before your first session.


Phone/Skype/Facetime Info: Learning partnerships require you to sign up for a free conference call number if you don't already have one. Follow instructions under "Recordings" above to arrange conference call details. Use Skype address rhonda.mattern if you'd like to participate in a learning partnerhsip via Skype. You and your partner will have to Skype in from the same computer if you want to use this option.) Rhonda is also available via Facetime for Mac/iPhone users.



Learning partnerships are ideal for family members, friends, couples, and colleagues


  (We NEVER share it with others.)

Schedule a Learning Partnership

To schedule a learning partnership session, 

email Rhonda or call her at 510-525-4585.


If you're not sure whether or not private sessions are a good fit for you, email Rhonda to schedule a 30 minute complimentary call to discuss your questions, goals, and concerns.


When emailing to schedule sessions or complimentary calls, send three good dates and times (including your time zone) and Rhonda will confirm a date and time back to you.

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