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Changing the World One Relationship at a Time

What is intentional presence?

What skills do we teach?

State shifting skills help you to intentionally shift into mindfulness and presence, states of consciousness that allow you to experience qualities like calm, non-judgment, compassion, and balanced perspective, even in the midst of intense emotional reactions.  


Self-discovery skills help you to connect with different parts of your inner awareness that you tend to ignore, and work more skillfully with emotions, needs, desires, beliefs and other inner experiences.


Pattern shifting skills help you transform limiting beliefs and inner conflicts and the unwanted patterns of behavior they create.


Friendship and support skills help you to build more conscious, authentic, and connected relationships that help both people to gain greater self-awareness and live more true to themselves and their unique potential. 

Intentional presence offers a set of practical, hands-on self-awareness skills drawn from spiritual disciplines, psychology and neuroscience. These skills help you to build relationships that not only provide comfort and companionship, but also deeply support your psychological and spiritual growth.

This inspiring new possibility, which some people call "spiritual friendship" or "soul friendship," requires us to let go of old helping habits and master an entirely new set of skills that transform relationships into crucibles for deep learning, connection and growth.

People who've found intentional presence helpful include spiritual practitioners, psychotherapists and other helping professionals, and people who want to break free of limiting patterns and live a more conscious, authentic life.

"I've been a psychotherapist for thirty-three years and I heartily recommend both Rhonda and intentional presence. The work is elegant to use and helps people to uncover deep insights. Rhonda is knowledgeable, caring, and sensitive. I've used techniques from intentional presence with several of my therapist colleagues and they've loved it."


L.Z., Woodstock, NY

"My first class in intentional presence was a revelation. It has much in common with the Diamond Heart Approach, which I've studied for fourteen years, and yet it provided me with unique and helpful insights. This work is skillful, subtle, deeply compassionate and precise. Rhonda has a wonderful gift of communicating complex truths simply and vividly, and her love and joy are infectious."


T.L., New York, NY


"The critical, fearful voices in my head are slowly quieting down, and I can finally hear the voice of my own heart. Do you know what an amazing gift this is? I don't know how to thank you."


T.A., Washington, DC

"This work is amazing. It’s like having the key to the city of yourself! It’s one of the few things I've seen yet that can truly change people."


M.E., San Antonio, TX

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