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Ways to contribute:



We welcome volunteers with expertise in proofreading, editing, publishing, marketing and media relations, business planning, and transcription (of sessions and classes in intentional presence). We're also looking for board members with expertise in non-profit management, fundraising, self-awareness education, public education, and public advocacy. To volunteer, email us.

Join an integration group

Intentional presence integrates a number of different spiritual practices, psychological methods, and neuroscience discoveries--and we'd like to integrate even more. To establish rigorous self-awareness education in K-12 and adult education programs, we need to offer educators the very best integration of current human growth and change methods possible. By joining one of our integration groups, you'll be helping to create an integrated self-awareness method that's rigorous enough for public educators to consider adopting. To learn more about joining an integration group, click the button below.



Write about your experiences with intentional presence

Although Rhonda Mattern created the original version of intentional presence, a number of spiritual practitioners and psychologists  have inspired new ideas, language, and practices that have significantly enhanced our work. In fact, others have contributed so significantly to the skills we teach that Rhonda now considers herself a "co-founder" of intentional presence.


Your experiments using the skills of intentional presence in your daily life could spark the next wave of improvements and changes to our work. If you'd like to write an article about your experiences with intentional presence that might be helpful to others, please email us your article ideas or drafts.


Invite us to speak, write or teach

We welcome opportunities to educate the public about our work and our goal of establishing self-awareness education as a topic as essential to K-12 and adult education programs as reading, writing, and arithmetic. To invite us to write an article, offer a workshop, speak at at conference, or appear on radio, TV, or an online event, email us.

Tell others about our our work

If you've benefited from our classes, private sessions, or online resources--or feel inspired to share our goal of universal K-12 and adult self-awareness education with others--please tell your friends and colleagues about our work, forward them a link to our website, or use Twitter or Facebook to tell people how you've benefited from our work.

Join our mailing list 

Perhaps the most important way to contribute to the future of intentional presence is to simply join our mailing list. This will allow you to keep abreast of new study materials and options we offer in the future. Learning just one or two of the consciousness-shifting skills that we offer will help you to live a more conscious, connected, and compassionate life, which in turn will help to build a more conscious and compassionate world. 

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