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About Our Name
The name intentional presence was inspired by one of the central skills we teach: the ability to intentionally shift into a state of consciousness that we call presence.

Intentionally shifting into presence allows you to experience deep connection, compassion, and appreciation for yourself and others, as well as qualities like humility, gratitude, and balanced perspective.


To shift into presence, you have to first learn to anchor your awareness in mindfulness, a state of consciousness that allows you to act with calm, conscious intention.


As you repeatedly practice the shift into mindfulness and presence, your brain literally changes and grows, allowing you to experience a whole new way of seeing...and a whole new way of being human.


People often ask why we don't capitalize the name intentional presence. It's because we don't see intentional presence as a "product" or "brand" that we own; we see it as a life practice that anyone can use...something that's universal, human, and uplifting, like singing or dancing. 

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