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About Our Instructors

Welcome! My name is Rhonda Mattern, and I currently lead all intentional presence private mentoring sessions, learning partnerships, classes, and workshops. In time, I hope to train other instructors so more people can benefit from this work. Below is a summary of my training and experience:

  • M.S., Applied Behavioral Science/Organization Development, Johns Hopkins University

  • Over thirty years meditation and contemplative practice

  • Pastoral counselor: trained in interfaith ministry with Rabbi Joseph Gelberman

  • Conducted talks and workshops for over two decades on self-awareness, spiritual awakening, leadership development, and breaking free of limiting patterns throughout the United States as well as Canada, Mexico, Europe, Africa and the Caribbean

  • Worked for over fifteen years as an executive coach and training and leadership development consultant for health care and service-based organizations (Department of Health and Human Services, AARP, American Red Cross, Environmental Defense Fund, and Quintiles Transnational, among others)

  • Graduate of a three-year Leela Therapy training program (Leela Therapy is a mindfulness-based experiential method that integrates Neurolinguistic Programming, Eriksonian hypnosis, and Vedic and Buddhist contemplative principles and practices)

  • Studied the Enneagram with Eli Jaxon-Bear

  • Studied Hakomi Therapy with the method's founder, Ron Kurtz; graduate of the Hakomi Institute's two-year Hakomi Therapy training program

  • Current student of Coherence Therapy with Bruce Ecker

  • Co-developed intentional presence, assisted and inspired by a small group of spiritual practitioners and psychologists with the guts, vision, and conviction to survive many years of experiments in intensive Learning Labs


Personal studies with Eckankar, Advaita Vedanta, Buddhist psychology, Focusing, Gestalt Therapy, Leela Therapy, Hakomi Therapy, Nonviolent Communication, Jungian Analytical Psychology, Coherence Therapy and neuroscience have all influenced intentional presence.

Several teachers have significantly contributed to my life and work. In order of appearance, they include Jesus, Paul Twitchell, Seth, Harold Klemp, Richard Moss, Eli-Jaxon Bear, Ramana Maharshi, Gene Gendlin, Ron Kurtz, Carl Gustav Jung, and Marshall Rosenberg. I'm also thankful for my toughest and most inspiring teachers over the past decade or so: the many participants in my private sessions, learning partnerships, classes, and workshops. 

My passions (besides spiritual practice and psychology) include playing music, singing, songwriting, bluegrass, old timey and early music, cooking, gardening, and contra dancing. I currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my partner Dick Ridington,and our cat Devil Do. 


Rhonda with her partner Dick Ridington

A quiet moment with Devil Do

Saturday morning post-farmer's-market

food nirvana

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